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Since lj has been all kinds of crazy lately and gipsy_dreamer was kind enough to give some advice, I can now be found on dreamwidth. =D

Some of you know me know me well already, some I've only recently met and others are completely new. So I thought I'd post a short introduction.

I'm 21. I'm a girl. I love football as you may or not be able to tell by my icons & many other sports. I'm german. I speak English, French & German fluently. Learnt some latin years ago & am teaching myself Spanish & Russian. I'm currently at uni in my 4th year and have a job, I also volunteer. I like to read books when I can spare the time. I love listening to music. And I watch and adore quite a few Television series. Other than that I'm working on my running skills (one day I want to participate in the local marathon). On the days I don't run, I usually take my bike out for a ride or use my exercise bike. But I want to start swimming again more often and pick up other exercises. I like to play video games on the wii. But not the shoot & kill everyone kind. I love traveling and experiencing different cultures. Meeting new people is always a joy.

There's plenty more to know about me. I have interests all over the place that I'm not really good at summing up. But I think this is enough for now. So if you think I don't sound like a lunatic and you'd like to be friends, just drop me a note and I'll be glad to add you back. =)

If you know of anyone or a comm I should friend/join, please leave a comment here as well. I'm really new here and don't know my way around yet. Hopefully I will soon!

Note: This journal will partly be circle members only, you'll see if you've missed something by the numbers I use on the posts =) If you want to read the rest just ask. I have no trouble sharing but I don't want the whole world to know everything. Sure you can understand.
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If you know of anyone or a comm I should friend/join, please leave a comment here as well.

*rubs hands gleefully*

For a start, [community profile] runners and [community profile] bicycles. You might also like [community profile] exercise_every_day. And I can rec [community profile] white_lotus, an A:TLA comm.

[community profile] getting_started is also invaluable for questions while you're getting settled in.

(Welcome to Dreamwidth!)

on 2010-09-29 11:41 pm (UTC)
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Welcome to DW, I hope you'll enjoy it here! :)

As for communities - [community profile] lj_refugees is quite useful for people who newly migrated here from LJ, there are two other Tolkien comms ([community profile] jrr_tolkien_fic, [community profile] jrr_tolkien_graphics), and I love [community profile] followfriday for finding new things. :)

And I got your PM - will reply tomorrow, a bit tired for now. Night night! ^^


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